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Image by Yannis Papanastasopoulos

VE ART AP Studio Art.

We are proud that all of our students received hight scores in the last year AP Studio Art Exam!

VE ART Studio provides AP Studio Art, Drawing course that cover the concepts you need to reach for your test score goals. The AP Studio Art: Drawing exam is taken by high school students looking for college credit or to gain acceptance into college-level courses. Sometimes, you can bypass an introductory college course if you score well. 

The AP Studio Art: Drawing exam is made up of three sections. The first section, Selected Works, requires five drawings and makes up 33% of your portfolio score. It assesses the quality of your design abilities and content. Section 2: Sustained Investigation (Concentration) enables you to choose a design area of interest and demonstrate your knowledge via an in-depth explanation, while Section 3: Range of Approaches tests your understanding of a variety of design issues. These two sections each represent 33% of your score.

Your performance on the exam is dependent on your knowledge of drawing and art in general, as well as being prepared. Our AP Studio Art, Drawing Classes courses provide in-depth coverage of topics and what you need to improve for your art Portfolio.

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 We can tell you what to expect on the test/Portfolio, so you can become familiar with its expectations, content, and format. 

The AP Studio Art, Drawing course helps with developing a portfolio that represents your talent and understanding of drawing principles and how to apply them. You’ll learn exactly what is expected of your portfolio in terms of content and quality. Whether you need to focus on describing art or using light and shade, creating the illusion of depth, or composition, here is an opportunity to hone your skills.

The AP Studio Art: Drawing exam can challenge your artistic abilities to the limit. Advance preparation helps you know what to expect and apply your understanding and skills, as well as become a more confident artist. VE ART Studio is ready to help you take part in an AP Studio Art  course. Contact an academic advisor online or by phone (408)806-6983 for more information and to get started.

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