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VE ART Paint Night!

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With a relaxing and friendly atmosphere, with aromatic coffee or tea, delicious desserts and your favorite cheese, you can finally let your inner artist out and create unique paintings – ones that can be hung on your walls or given as gifts. Worried about needing experience? Forget it! VE ART Paint Night is all about relaxing and having fun – there’s no experience necessary. However, we do offer paint classes that are just as fun. There’s really no way to go wrong. Our paint events are perfect for any occasion: date nights, family get-togethers, team-building exercises, bachelor & bachelorette parties. Whatever you’re after, we can make for an unforgettable night of excitement!

$60 Per Person,
2.5 hour event

* art supply, instructions, coffee, tea, cheese plate, desserts, fruits, and more included

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