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Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below and  fill out "Get a Quote" form at the bottom of the page.




What Is A Commissioned Order?

If you are preparing for an event or milestone, or simply looking for new art for your home, you can commission  students to make your art visions a reality. Unlike selling an already existing piece of artwork created by inspiration, commissioned artists must create art based on the specifications provided by a client. This is a collaborative effort that can give students an education in communication skills and the ability to provide good customer service.

Our students can create oil paintings for you and your friends as the best present ever!

How Much Does It Cost ?

Orders range in price from $55 to $1,000, depending on color, size, shape, quantity, and order deadline. Additionally,  shipping costs will be aplied(if shipping is required). The lowest price for a commissioned item is $55. While quantity is a factor, there are no discounts for bulk orders.

We usually require a 50% advance payment before work begins. This payment will be refunded in full if for some reason we cannot complete the work.

Will You Ship My Order?

Yes. We will ship commissioned orders. Please note that you will be responsible for paying the cost of shipping, which may include the cost of packing materials. Please be mindful of shipping time if you are commissioning an order that you need to arrive by a specific date.

How Far In Advance Do I Need To Place My Order?

We request orders are placed at least 60 days before they will be needed. Our program follows the school calendar so Commissions are only accepted from September to June.  

I Want To Commission VE ART Studio Artists!

Awesome! Please fill out "Get a Quote" form below or contact us via phone (408.806.6983) and we will be in touch to discuss your order. Thank you for supporting VE ART Studio Artists with your commission!

Thanks! Message sent.

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